Sonntag, 6. November 2016

Colors {Layout with Tutorial}

Whoop, whoop! The foricecreamiscream train is bringing you this new layout made for Scrapbook Werkstatt and their inspirational gallery; the tutorial is written in German ( click here) but I'm going to write a pictorial process here in English below:

1) Grab the materials you want to use! I went with fabulous Take Me Away by Pink Paislee (Paige Evans). I swear that woman just has the same taste in colors as I do.

2) I decided to make a grid design and cut that gorgeous paper with the squares!

3) I cut a bunch but I just needed those I put down on this layout. I decided to go with a 3x3 grid.

4) As soon as I was sure where I wanted my colors to be, I grabbed a pen and traced the lines. We will need to do that to know where to apply the paint later.

5) As soon as all squares were traced, I went ahead and grabbed my gelatos and acrylics, going around the edges and a little above; so the color is still visible. You decide how thick you want your frames to be! Don't forget to apply water or rub the pigments of the gelatos in. :)

6) Some colors make more sense to combine; I wanted my frames to pop, that's why I made sure that I wouldn't mix a pink frame with a pink square. But you can do whatever you want; mixing the same colors will just give you a more settled look, that's completely fine, too!

7) Just add embellishments. That's the most fun part, right? 

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